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Regional Training & Performance Manager

Country : Area Hong Kong Area Hong Kong

Town : Hong Kong

Category : Human Resources

Contract type : Permanent

Availability : Full time

Company presentation

Aesop has carefully cultivated a work environment in which our employees are constantly challenged to do their best. Our company is determinedly creative, intelligent and progressive, and nurtures these qualities by employing people who share our passionate interest in design, innovation, and incisive enquiry across all fields.

Our organisational culture is entirely unique, distinguished by an uncommon blend of courtesy, cordiality and intellectual energy. We seek those who can bring a wealth of life experience and inspired ideas to our table.

In return, we provide comprehensive induction and training programmes, and encourage an inclusive culture that nurtures enduring professional relationships. We also appreciate the benefits that flow from our employees' external pursuits.

We raise our bar high at Aesop and never lower it; this is one of the keys to our success and one of the many reasons why people wish to work here. If you would like to join Aesop, we invite you to peruse our current career opportunities.

Job description


The Regional Training & Performance Manager is primarily responsible for building performance capability and confidence across the retail workforce in their region. The position will focus on developing exceptional customer service skills to meet Aesop's global and regional strategy and current and future business requirements. The Regional T&P Manager is responsible for the delivery of product, service and retail capability training across their region. The incumbent will work closely with the Head of Retail to launch global and regional initiatives, while working equally closely with their region's Training Manager and Head of Retail (or Retail Business Manager) in ensuring all initiatives are aligned for their region.

This position will lead their region's Training and Performance team and ensure alignment of their region's regional retail training strategy to the global strategy that is focused on engaging employees through innovative and effective learning solutions (programmes, systems and tools). Consideration will be given for a blended learning approach which supports different learning styles. As part of new hires' initial experience with Aesop's culture, the Regional Training & Performance Manager will embody a strong sense of what makes Aesop unique, foster open communication amongst the regional T&P team, and create a mindset of continuous learning and development, aligned with Aesop's culture and core values.

This position will assess and respond to regional retail capability gaps, requests and opportunities by proactively applying training methodologies across multiple distribution channels to maximise knowledge, service and retention. This includes ensuring that Retail on-boarding and training programmes are effective from design, development, implementation and evaluation for new and existing retail employees.

It is essential that the Regional Retail Training & Performance Manager be fluent in at least one (preferably two) of the local tongues as well as in English.


Desirable behaviours


Involving others, and by doing so, respectfully persuading them to commit to ideas and support outcomes.

  • Uses open-ended questions to explore and clarify issues

  • Communicates benefits and tailors the approach based on the individual in question

  • Asks for others' ideas and collaborates to reach a mutually agreeable solution

  • Persists as needed to gain genuine agreement.

  • Client Focus

    Ensuring internal and external client needs are considered when making decisions.

    • Targets opportunities with the greatest potential for producing results

    • Establishes challenging goals for self and others to achieve business results

    • Works tenaciously to overcome obstacles and to meet or exceed goals

    • Remains self-disciplined, measures progress and evaluates results, re prioritises and manages stakeholder expectations honestly and constructively.

    • Developing Others

      Supporting others to grow and develop.

      • Acknowledges progress, and contributions while emphasising accountability for development actions

      • Engages and involves to clarify issues and causes and collaboratively develops a plan

      • Shares suggestions for improvement and expresses confidence in the person

      • Confirms individual's commitment and buy-in to addressing the performance goals

      • Establishes action plan and monitors progress and results.

      • Creativity and Change

        Promoting change and creative improvement, and adapting effectively to new approaches.

        • Explains why change is occurring and the anticipated benefits and impact

        • Reviews processes to determine gaps between current outputs and expected requirements

        • Generates ideas for creative solutions, analyses the impact of each solution and selects appropriate course

        • Implements improvements through testing solutions, gathering feedback and modifying solutions as appropriate to ensure effectiveness.

        • Decisions and Direction

          • Recognises the need for additional information and asks questions to obtain it

          • Examines data to identify problems, trends, and cause-effect relationships

          • Generates options for action, develops decision criteria and selects the best course of action.

          • Makes timely decisions and takes action

          • Involves others and considers their perspectives and ensure buy-in.

          • Strategy and Effectiveness

            • Develop, implement and engage retail employees with the Retail Training Strategy incorporating Aesop's brand, products and service standards.

            • In partnership with the Head of Retail, design learning opportunities that cater to multiple learning styles in a blended learning approach which includes fit for purpose e-learning programmes, classroom based learning, mentor programmes, exchange programmes, conferences, and other self-paced learning, ensuring the content reflects and supports the Aesop brand and culture in their region.

            • Remain abreast of contemporary learning and capability trends and developments with consideration for blended learning principles.

            • In collaboration with the Retail Training & Performance Managers and/or Coordinators, develop and nurture a learning culture within the stores and region through active management, coaching, training and reward.

            • Support Head of Retail and Asia regional in building an omnichannel approach in stores.

            • Training Analysis

              • Manage the conducting of training needs assessments for retail staff regionally, including supporting, analysing and developing learning activities for specific teams, markets and departments.

              • Apply in depth knowledge of the retail industry and Aesop's training analytics in the establishment of on-boarding and core training programmes such as selling capability, service capability and product skills.

              • In partnership with Human Resources provide insights and guidance on the development requirements for the Retail team pertaining to Management, Communication and Coaching capabilities.

              • Using Aesop's Learning Management System (Workday) and complementary methods, generate meaningful and regular reporting to inform future learning and development initiatives and strategies.

              • Training Design and Execution

                • In partnership with Marketing and Product teams, ensure that every product launch and Go To Market is well prepared and that training are prepared with Training Manager ahead of product launch and delivered on time to our retail teams, followed by on the job learning and coaching.

                • In partnership with Head of Retail and Human Resources ensure that capability development programmes and retail career align with the Talent and Development Strategy and the Retail Career ladder in Asia.

                • Partner with Human Resources in the development of soft skills training programmes, talent management / succession programmes and the development of capabilities that are required across the wider organisation to ensure aligned programmes are being delivered. With Human Resources ensure consistent content design across "soft skills" development programmes for Managers and Leaders.

                • Assist the global Capability and Performance team in the development of Aesop tailored soft skills relevant to the region.

                • In partnership with the global Capability and Performance team, develop a digital learning portfolio that complements other training platforms and connects retail employees to Aesop's brand, products and service standards.

                • Oversee the engagement of the regional training team to ensure training strategies are implemented at a high standard.

                • In collaboration with the global Capability and Performance team, oversee the development of regional "Train the Trainer" programmes and provide coaching to Trainers as required.

                • Oversee the development and management of the regional learning calendar.

                • Manage and report on regional training budgetary expenditure.

                • Maintain comprehensive knowledge of adult learning and development theories, engagement approaches and practices, and implement new solutions where appropriate.

                • People Leadership and Business Partnerships

                  • Motivate and engage members of the regional training team through effective communication, support, guidance and feedback.

                  • Partner with HR leadership and the Digital team in the development of learning content and platform alignment in HRIS Learning & Development module.

                  • Maintain external learning provider relationships and ensure a high calibre of technical and professional training is delivered.

                  • Develop strong relationships with key stakeholders including Country Managers, Retail Business Managers and HR.

                  • eLearning

                    • With the assistance of the Retail Training and Performance Managers / Coordinators, manage Aesop's LMS for their region ensuring all content is current and relevant for the said region, and reflects the Aesop brand, tone, business strategy and culture from a regional perspective.

                    • In collaboration with the Retail Training and Performance Manager, maintain core course content as dictated by Global Retail Training and select relevant marginal content to meet local market needs.

                    • Manage and assist with translation and proof-reading of learning material.

                    • Manage the engagement of users on the learning app, encouraging local Training Managers to post local content


  • Solid exposure in retail product and customer service training.

  • Substantial experience in managing and developing high-performing teams.

  • Working knowledge of blended learning methodologies.

  • Hands-on, practical problem solving and process improvement skills.

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.

  • Able to promote change and creative improvement, adapting new approaches to learning and training.

  • Strategic mindset and a longer-term view of workforce planning and future training needs.

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